Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Reason We Had Kids....

...was to get our gardens planted.

How does anyone do it without kids?
After all, they like to play in the dirt.

Their backs don't mind the bending and straining.

We started employing the kids to plant the garden as soon as they could walk a straight line.

Here's three year old Kristin planting a whole field of corn all by himself.
We'd give him a stick to space the seeds evenly.
Then we gave him a little tiny hoe and he would hoe corn every day all summer long.
Now he's a big strong boy who doesn't mind working hard in the sun.

They learned early on the value of good mulching.

And it was fun!
Right kids?

When harvest time came, they snapped beans for hours.
Well, Mama read them stories while they worked.
So they loved every minute of it.

This picture makes me nostalgic.
It's the only year that I can remember that we had nearly all the kids planting.
Only the baby isn't out there. He couldn't walk a straight line yet.
The next year, Katie moved on to her own garden.

But first she taught another brother the wisdom of the spacing stick.
This year she is passing that wisdom onto her own boy.


  1. Ahhh... memories... :-) I always enjoyed garden planting because we got to work ALONGSIDE Dad and you and he were so proud of our work.

    And I do NOT remember mulching. I only remember weeding. Endless weeding. I do remember the stick. Tomorrow, Jonah will get to use the stick to plant our corn. It's taking a long time for me to get my garden in. I need more kids!

  2. I love these photos, so sweet!

    My mom had 5 of us to help in the garden and the landscaping. It is certainly good for kids even if they don't know it at the time.

    My friends dad said that back when he was a kid people had a lot of kids because they needed the help on the farm. But, now people have kids and treat them like pets. It's so true. You just don't see those sort of values being instilled in todays kids very often anymore.

  3. Now he's a big strong boy Is that how you describe me to everyone? Seriously, though, good post- and oh so nostalgic.


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