Monday, May 4, 2009

Pottery Beginnings

I'm so excited.
I just found the website of one of my pottery teachers.

I occasionally google the names of my pottery instructors to try and find any press releases of shows they may be doing. I want to see their current work if possible. I have not been very successful until tonight. I found a website for one of my teachers! It looks like it has been up for a few years so I don't know why it hasn't come forward in my searches before.

I moved away over fifteen years ago and haven't been back to where I began.
The internet can be awesome.

Check it out.

Guy Adamec

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  1. Wow! Adamec has some beautiful stuff! I'm not creative enough to be a potter, but love it.

    I had a good friend, Richard Leach, a ceramics professor of Albion College in Michigan who gave me many beautiful pieces. Ever hear of him?


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