Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Look Inside...

...the bachelor pad.

It's not too often a mother gets to take a look at how the boys are living after they move out.

It's not too far from what was expected.

Notice there's nothing here about who's going to clean the bathroom.
But it's still a good start from Mom's perspective.

The pad has all the important equipment.

This was interesting...



  1. couple things-

    First off- 99% of the 22oz craft beer bottles are from me. I drank that beer.

    Second- I came up with the sally points. I wrote up the rules, and hung those two cardboard rules lists with painters tape when I moved in.

    Good stuff

  2. I think Kristin might needs to move back in and give guidance to Mike and Chris.

    Very cute by the way and can I say as much as I'm looking forward to the messes moving out of the house I don't really want them to go.

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  4. So glad Kristin explained.

    Er... does that mean he gets points for explaining "sally points" to chicks?

  5. Okay- here is the comment I posted and subsequently deleted, as I realized there were many typos and grammar errors, which I cannot stand.I think Kristin might needs to move back in and give guidance to Mike and ChrisIf you're referring to the lack of points they have there, I might just take this moment to explain the sally points system-

    When I lived with my brother and another guy named Matt in that house, all three of us had pretty serious girlfriends that spent much time with us, both at the house and around the city. I came up with the whole system while at work one day, as a means to keep up the level of manliness around the bachelor pad. It works like so:
    As you can (kind of) read on the rules list, doing things that are clearly not manly- such as holding your girlfriends purse, watching chick flicks with your girlfriend, going shopping with them, and my personal favorite "explaining the sally points system to your girlfriend"- all of them get you points ranging from like 1 to 5. The more you have, the more you're losing. That's right- you don't want them.
    To negate the sally points, there is a list of things you can do (which is not visible in the photo). Things like win a round of video games (something there was plenty of opportunity for), shotgun a beer or take a shot of strong imbibe, shave your head, and some other awesome things like that.
    By those standards, Neal was clearly losing- although, he regularly cleaned house when we played Halo, our video game passtime of choice. Thus, he was chock full of redemption points as well. Mike and Chris aren't doing so bad; though, if I'm not mistaken, they're not so suave and daft with the ladies, as *ahem* my brother and I are, thus there was not so much opportunity for them to gain points.

    It's a great way to heckle and make fun of your fellow bachelor pad residents.

  6. Yes, Katie- if you explain Sally points to a girl, you get points for it.

    Also, I'm not going to delete and re-post the comment again, but there are clearly some paragraph break problems at the top. My HTML is suffering this morning, methinks. Please excuse.

  7. Makes me thankful I have grown up and moved on with my life. Now I understand Dad when I asked him if he would ever want to go back and be that young man again. He said NO! way....

  8. Makes me thankful I have grown up and moved on with my life. I don't understand.

  9. That wasn't me, to be clear, Kris. If that was making you confused, anyway.

  10. That was MY little sis.

    Kristin - I recognized your writing on the wall. I'm also not at all surprised about the bottles.

    AND just for your information- Your dad would score VERY high on this. Except for the baby talk (none of that thank goodness) he get points for it all. So....I guess Neal is lots like him, eh?

  11. Just for the record, the sally points haven't been touched in well over a year (since its been well over a year since I was in a relationship) but most of my unmanly marks were from my buddy mike who was trying to get me to go the bar one night and I wouldn't do it.


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