Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's Over! Let's Celebrate with a Giveaway!

This will be that last post about the Open Studio Tour.
I promise.

Because it is over.
Time to move on.

After all, it is spring and there is so much else to do.

The tour overall was successful but included some crazy weather such as downpours and thunder on Saturday that left us sodden and soggy. We were relieved to have sun on Sunday and no longer had to make dashes for cover.

As ever, my faithful dog Shadow was on hand to make sure everything went smoothly.

He vigilantly guarded the pottery to make sure no one got too close. Thanks, Shadow.

There were less visitors than last year but those who did come were clearly dedicated to the cause and enjoyed meeting the artists and taking their artwork home with them. I certainly enjoyed meeting a number of new collectors and showing them my work space. My sales were up considerably from the last two years and that made me very happy.

So to celebrate the end of two months of studio work and successful sales on the tour I'm going to give away a piece of pottery on my blog.

I want to thank all of the readers, commenters and lurkers that have put up with my focus on clay craft and all its enthralling details here for the last few weeks. I hope someone learned something. I know I did anyway!

I've pondered what to offer as a gift here.
I didn't receive any suggestions so I'm not sure what would be welcomed.
Since I showed in nauseating detail how the mountain wall plates were made, I thought I would make a wall plate the "prize." But since that is an item that may not interest anyone who hasn't actually seen or visited the magnificent sleeping volcano in my backyard that inspires the plate, I will also offer an alternate choice to the winner.

So the winner of this contest will have a choice between a decorative Mt. Hood Wall Plate...

or this stoneware bowl...

...both hot out of the kiln fire documented here.

"These pieces are high-fired for durability and resist chipping and cracking. They are safe for use in the oven, microwave, and dishwasher. "

Yeah, I've said that a few times.

TO ENTER this contest:

Leave a comment after this post and tell me what you think makes any blog worth your interest. You know, what elements keep you coming back for more? Or if that would be too deeply personal, just leave a comment like, "I wish my name was Edna" or "My cat has dandruff" and you will be entered. As a bonus, if you mention this contest on your own blog your name will be entered in the drawing a second time. Just let me know that you mentioned it. The contest will end on Friday, May 8, at noon Pacific Standard Time. I am looking forward to hearing what you think makes a good blog. I know what I like...what do you like?

(By the way, I'll be covering the shipping costs!)


  1. Favorite Son - SethMay 4, 2009 at 2:18 AM

    A cure for homesickness.

  2. Your blog is worth my interest because I love your pottery and I get to see whatup at the homestead while I'm on the road.

    I hope your good judgment leads you to awarding me the first prize, mom.

  3. Your blog is worth my interest because the pottery is fascinating and I'm astounded at how much a mother can do on a daily basis! Granted the last few weeks around our house in preparing for graduation, I've gotten TONS done, but on a regular basis?
    I'm also linking to you on my blog today.

  4. Thank you!
    I just want to clarify that I don't mean just my blog but any blog. What makes a blog interesting (not referring necessarily to mine since it's not always that interesting)?

  5. I'm glad you posted on MSF you have a great blog! and I really like a good give away.

  6. I like to think of my blog as my own diary. So I feel like I'm getting a peek into everyone's diaries (lives).
    It didn't have a lock on it or anything!!

  7. Favorite Son - Seth said...You wish, homeboy- you know who fills that spot. Quit pretending.

  8. *snort - giggle* I LOVE this blog cuz of the family fued in the comments section!!!! LOL BUT, I love pottery and this is my first time here - lucky for me! HOWEVER I will be back - I got here from April... :)Later Mater - like ta-mater without the ta... LOL

  9. Hi Heidi,
    Yes, we have a lot of that. Even in virtual places!
    Looks like your chances at a piece of pottery will be good! Not too many seem interested.
    Thanks for coming by!

  10. Enjoy your site, I'll be back

  11. Hi,
    Came to your site from your comment on I love hand made pottery - your stuff is gorgeous! Anyway, a blog has to be something a little different all the time to keep my "vote". I sincerely like hearing about other's lives (with pics of course). Sometimes I like to know what you are cooking, how you fare in the current economy, what's the world like where you live (I'm in Maryland) and if you can make me laugh - all the better!
    Best of luck!
    My email is tlstickland (at) netscape (dot) net.

  12. I too came from where i heard about this giveaway. I must say that it was difficult to find the giveaway as I had to scroll for a while to find it and I almost missed it! Perhaps writing Give Away in your title would help? Also, I think adding a link somewhere at the top of the page would be beneficial as well.

    I love pottery and although not a potter, I am an artist.

  13. The mountain plate is so beautiful. (well they both are but the mountain one is my cup of tea..plate of tea? Never mind)
    I like a blog that doesn't have line after line of words. Break it up a little and don't just put in stuff you have copied from the internet like a picture of a magazine instead of a picture of the actual magazine in your home.
    I don't care for music as sometimes I am trying to be quiet and all of a sudden there is music coming out of my computer.
    Lots of different content is important to me generally. Some topic specific blogs are fine as long as that is all I am looking for at that time.
    Most of all have fun.

  14. And what's funnier is that I didnt even notice the give away announcement at the top til just now! Sorry to leave two comments! Duh.

  15. Love the blog!

    Love your stuff.

    Lost my erudite comments I'd made earlier because I picked the wrong name on Wordpress.

  16. Thanks for your comments everyone!
    I took your suggestion Screwed Up Texan and changed the post title.

  17. Got to you through the Pioneer Woman and your comment in keep trying!

  18. I found you via wepc too, and I'm working at making my blog a friendly place to visit regularly!

    BTW, I LOVE pottery, and this is the first visit for me, so I'll be sure to come back!

  19. You have a great blog. Lots of good photos, lots of great artwork, instructional, funny,....

    I'm a tactile person and love products of weaving, pottery, sewing, etc., but I'm only adept at sewing (so far!)

  20. Hi Pam,
    I made it here from the Pioneer Woman website, based on the comment you left there. I love reading blogs about people's personal lives. I'll keep coming back if the writing is engaging and the photos good (dogs help!), but if it's just a series of family photos with captions, I'll probably not return. I want to feel I start to know the person writing and their family, or whoever/whatever they're writing about. I guess what's really important to me is the personal aspect, without it being just boring, mundane stuff. Hope this helps!

  21. Thanks for coming by, Ruby's Mum. You might like the post I did about our faithful dog called "Ode to Shadow." Under "critters."

  22. Hi, I just read about your blog on the Pioneer Woman post. You mentioned that no one enters your give-aways. Well, here I am! I'd love a piece of your pottery, especially that bowl. I'm going to look around your blog...I've already read page one and two. I've added you to my Google Reader so I can check back when you make new posts. Good luck with your blog and I'll keep my fingers crossed that I win the beautiful bowl. Hugs!

  23. Hi Marcie! Thanks for stopping by and your comment!

  24. I, too, stumbled onto your site thru Pioneer Woman and her Blog College info. I do a blog and have the same problem with few commenters, though I have a lot of traffic. It's a personal blog but "services" the community where I live-a nudist resort!

    Yeah! I'm stunned at myself, too.

    Anyway. What brings me back to a blog is easy read font...not too crowded together. Not "wordy", and to yours particularly because your weather caught my eye. I live in deep south Texas and we have had virtually no rain for 9 months. So when I saw your moist walk thru the woods I was hooked! And I love pottery, too. So here I am.

  25. I like blogs that can are easy on my eyes, I don't like being assaulted with music and blinky doo-dads.

    I like the stoneware bowl.

    Glad I discovered your blog.

  26. When I can relate to what the blogger is blogging about, or they are inspiring, either in their writing photography or just their life. And if they have a good sense of humor that sure doesn't hurt.


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