Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hobbits and Cupcakes

The finish line of every school year deserves a

Homeschool Field Trip!

This year we were blessed to get in on group rates for a children's play in the big city (yes, two trips to the city in one week!)

(Oh, and I don't know what is up with my camera lately and it's freakish inability to focus well. It's prolly me and a combination of my middle-aged blindness and my being in a hurry while the digital point 'n shoot is thinking about maybe taking the picture in a few minutes...sorry to assault your eyes with the blur. Kristin But that's how I see all the time!)

This professional group puts on a number of plays a year and this was our first opportunity to see one. Of course now Alyssa is determined to run away from home and join this acting troupe.

The production we saw:

Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf, Dwarves, an Elf Queen and her minions, Gollum, hobbits and best of all - an enormous smoking dragon named Smog told the story of a quest for treasure and the beginning of "The Ring."

I was not allowed to take pictures of any of this in the theater. The great costumes, the scary dragon or the wonderful looks on the little kid's faces as they took it all in. Please imagine it. It was great!

Another treat followed the play when we went around the corner to find a trendy Portland gem:

I've read about this place and there was no way we weren't going to sample their wares.

It was hopping with a group from a tour bus.

Saint Cupcake seems to be thriving successfully on the perfect execution of a simple business idea - sell cupcakes in a crisp retro setting in a city known for its stellar food establishments and sophisticated palates.

I was surprised to find that there were only a few simple- very simple -flavor choices. Vanilla or chocolate with chocolate buttercream or cream cheese icing, also coconut and pumpkin. They were deliciously made and decorated only with sprinkles. People were flooding in and out the door with cute pink and chocolate colored boxes full of cupcakes. They were reasonably priced and thankfully came in mini-(mom) size or kid size (big).

They knew I was coming because on the end they had my favorite - just for me!
Can you believe how thoughtful they were!?!

I thought it was odd though that they named the cupcake "Fat Elvis."

Here she is, Saint Cupcake herself. Love the wavy cake stand. I want one.

Or maybe this is her (she). Churning out the cupcakes, all day long- day in, day out.
I love those ovens! I want one!

Sam was checking on the production.

He amazingly didn't dump the cupcakes on the way to the table though it looked like it would happen about eight times.


  1. Mmmm... cupcakes. And I'm sure the play was awesome! Fun!

    Oh, and Mom? If that's the way you see, you need to get some glasses, lady! Between taking pictures while driving and now knowing that you're slightly blind, I think I'd like Dad to get us at the airport...


  2. No, Katie, don't worry. *I'm* the one getting you at the airport. ^_^ Yes'm I am.

  3. Okay, fergitit. I'm stayin' home.


    Kidding, Lyssa! I'm kidding! I trust you! Just don't get mad when I call a cab.

    Kidding!! C'mon... really.

  4. You don't seem to understand, you ARE coming her, I AM driving, and you WILL enjoy my fantastic driving skills. Hey, even Grandma is letting me drive her around now! That counts for something.

  5. My MOTHER never drove with me when I was your age Lyssa! You are very lucky, or a good driver!


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