Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fit for Society

One of the first concerns people bring up about homeschooling is socialization.

I can't count the number of times I have heard people gasp and express their deep distress that homeschooled children will grow up to be shy, backward and socially inept because they spend their days hanging out with their parents and siblings.

After nearly twenty years of homeschooling I have known hundreds of homeschooled young people and I can't even think of one that became an adult unable to function perfectly well in polite society. Quite the opposite in fact.

My kids receive regular compliments for their poise and conversational acuity with adults. I've experienced it with other homeschooled kids myself. Homeschooled kids do not spend their childhoods locked into days spent exclusively with their own peer groups. By associating with a mix of ages young and old, the young people develop social flexibility and comfort with any group in which they find themselves.

But homeschooled kids still get plenty of opportunities to socialize with their peers. Maybe homeschoolers make extra special efforts to be sure that the kids do. I know my children do not lack for social occasions.

Between performing in plays or orchestras, taking swing dancing lessons, group biology and history classes, and playing in sports, the kids have plenty of social engagements.

This week Alyssa attended the local Christian high school's formal dance.

She even had a sweet ride.

A bevy of homeschool beauties!

Waltzes, Tangoes and Swing.

No social ineptness here.


  1. beautiful girl! Love the rollers!

  2. And they didn't even work!

    I'm a failure at doing girls' hair...

  3. My son became more socially acceptable by homeschooling. It kept him away from the bad influences in his life... and now after 1.5 years of homeschool is a pleasure to have around and he has tons of good friends again, most of whom were his best friends since grade school that he had rejected during his rough times.
    My husband wants me to write a book called "How homeschooling saved my sons life and our sanity..." Is that too long a title? But I don't want to relive those years in any way, shape or form.

  4. I loved this post...very good! I said to my husband.."I wish I'd homeschooled" the other day and he said exactly what you said people say! We have our daughter in public school (we live in one of the best counties for education in the US) and I still wish I'd thought about homschooling. I couldn't provide her with the language skills she gets in school now as she is in a bilingual environment where they learn 1/2 of their subjects in another languge. I had to find lots of articles to dispell the myth about homeschooling to my husband..your blog post is one more thing I will be printing to prove him wrong. :-)

  5. Hi there...I clicked on your link from your comment on Pioneer Woman's site!
    I'm thinking about homeschooling myself....actually, pretty certain I'm going to do it...but don't know how exactly to start...and kind of scared to jump off that cliff. Glad I found your blog. :)

    I don't get the whole socialization argument. As if NO ONE who is educated in the public school system is shy and awkward....? The public school system ONLY churns out poised adults with stellar communication skills?? Really?? Public school is the answer?


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