Friday, May 29, 2009

Blooming in the Garden Today

Something that is so intriguing and addicting about gardening is that the garden is ever changing.

The flowers bloom, fade and are replaced by something new creating another variation of the theme.

This is my late spring garden. So different from just a week ago when I had tulips and lilacs.

Lily of the valley are just starting to dangle their fragrant bells.

Sweet woodruff is new to my garden. I can't wait until it spreads into a carpet.

I know that summer is almost here when my rhododendrons burst forth in flowers.

They are the iconic Pacific Northwest shrub.

They're an evergreen that grows wild in the mountain forests.

Coming from the Midwest, I was intrigued by them and they were among the very first things I planted on our new property. I now have seven of them that bloom at various stages. The newest one is white.

Azalea is a cousin of the rhododendron.

Snowball bush grew on our Michigan farm also.

I'm in love with lilacs-which compels me to start a collection. So far I have five colors.

Peonies are my favorite. I have a number of kinds.
This is the standard variety for country farmhouses everywhere and the first of my collection to bloom.

I brought this iris from the family homestead in Michigan.
The blue lupin behind it is a western mountain wildflower that I added to my garden.
I love the symbolism of West meets Midwest.

This was the iris that welcomed us to our Oregon homestead.

I then acquired twenty more varieties.
These are among the first to open. More to come!

Columbine is another flower with endless variations.
They will actually cross pollinate and come up with new colors.

This is the wild flower variety.

Columbine from a nursery.

Forget-me-nots are impossible to forget since they spread their seed in an effort to take over the world.

Mysterious euphorbia.

I planted this viburnum to mark our 25th wedding anniversary.
I thought it was fragrant and was disappointed to find out is isn't.
Still gorgeous though!

The hummingbirds love this weigela!
I bought this as a little broken twig of a plant on clearance at a nursery.

It's been so rewarding to see it prosper.

I don't like things to be static in my life. Gardening epitomizes the change that I love.

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