Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring - I hardly knew ye

In world news today...

Scientists have assembled for a summit in Portland, Oregon, to discuss reviving a look into global cooling.

This theory was a popular subject of study in the 1970's.

The summit discussions will look at the new and overwhelming evidence that global cooling is indeed taking place.

One piece of indisputable evidence is shown in the gradual elimination of seasons along the 45th parallel.

Already, the spring season has all but disappeared in this region.

And summer has been averaging a total of 17 days.

As scientists ponder this phenomenon, we will keep you updated with any new reports.


  1. Holy cow!

    That totally stinks.

    (Don't hit me when I tell you my forcast is for 71 on friday...)

  2. That is the reason I do NOT live in WI anymore. Started in the 70's and the global warming is just a conspiracy. Not happening. LOL

  3. Yea, makes you wonder don't it?


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