Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sew much to do

Thursday and Friday TO DO LIST

Clean my studio for the sale
Organize and price pots for Blossom Festival this Saturday
Shop for herbs, onions and strawberries to plant
Educate children
Drive Alyssa to rehearsal twice
Mix glazes
Glaze pottery
Do laundry
Feed children
Wash dishes BY HAND

And if I have time:
Communicate with husband

To ensure that I don't have any time for navel gazing, toe picking or breathing deeply...

Make twelve mob caps for the twelve daughters of the Major General for the nightgown scene in Pirates Of Penzance

Only one of these is an actual daughter - Edith

Three performances next week!

Seven caps down...five to go.

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  1. My to do list:
    Drink beer
    Teach a metal painting course next week (!)
    Hopefully hang out with some women tomorrow night

    Life is hard.


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