Sunday, April 19, 2009

Renovating the strawberry bed

We got 'er done.

Last fall we tore out our ten year old strawberry bed. It sorely needed renovation. Berry production was way down. We also wanted to till in composted manure.

So we took out all the old plants, dumped manure over the bed and let it sit for the autumn and winter. This spring after being well tilled, it is fluffy, rich soil.

Mr. Dirtywrench borrowed an attachment for the tiller that made these great mounded rows.
You should have heard him cheer. It took all of three minutes to do. A savings of at least 57 minutes over using a spade and doing it by hand.

I then planted seventy-five day neutral strawberry plants (everbearing).

And Alyssa did the watering.

This was followed by a heavy covering of grass clippings. The strawberry plants are not covered with the mulch. The kids spent hours and hours getting this part done. Hopefully it will suppress weeds, warm the soil, and add nitrogen to the ground. After some rain the clippings will reduce to a shallower, compacted layer. It has worked well in the past with layers of newspaper underneath. Today we left out the papers so we'll see if there is a difference in weed control.

One more spring project crossed off the list!

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  1. Cool!I love the mounded rows. Much neater than my bed... which is a mess...Two years since I put it in and it already needs renovation.

    I've mulched without newspaper before. Works fine for straw, but with grass clippings, you have to watch because it breaks down very quickly, so you have to keep on top of it.


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