Friday, April 3, 2009

The Radetsky March

Eight year old Samuel plays Johann Strauss.


  1. Eh.. whatever. Showoff.

    However, I do like the cocky, knowing, grin at the end. 'Ats right, boy.

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  3. Woohoo! Yay, Sam!

    (shudup, Kristin)

    I could see that he wanted to go faster, but he controlled the speed very well!

  4. Oh come on already! Do you all not know me well enough after 24 years to get my sense of humor? I give up.

    Every time I talk to him I listen to the latest tune and encourage, so don't even begin to get all bent at me.

  5. Normally it takes Sam three or four days to finish a piece. This one was really hard for him because it had so many elements- tempo, chords, change of hand position, staccato, that it took him three weeks to do this well and he still needs more polishing.

    I know a musician would recognize this but not everyone. No problemo.


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