Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pottery Demo - Glazing the Mountain Wall Plates

In a previous post I documented how I made wall plates that are decorated with slips in a Mt. Hood motif. Yesterday I glazed them with several different glazes to hopefully evoke the scene in an impressionistic style.

I started with a semi-matt, cobalt-based emerald green glaze that I poured over the bottom half of the plate.

Then I used one of my favorite glazes that is an opalescent white that changes colors with the colored slips underneath it. So the plan is that the mountain will be pearly white but where the glaze goes over blue slip it will be pearly blue, and over the green slip it will be pearly green.

I also overlapped the green glaze a bit so that those two glazes together can surprise me with another variation of the green.

Next I put a second green glaze, this one with copper and rutile as colorants, in a bottle to make some swirly lines of what will hopefully be another variation in the greens.

To finish the scene, I brushed on an iron-based black glaze that I think over these glazes will be more blue. Not until the last few plates did the brush tell me what it wanted to do, which was to make abstractions of fir trees in the foreground of the scene.

The final step was to glaze the back of the plate with a dependable white glaze by dipping it in a wide pan. I need a dependable glaze so I won't end up with runs or edge blobs to ruin the plate.

After cleaning the foot on the back of the plate, it is ready for firing.

I am very excited to see what the kiln fire will do to these glazes and how they will come out!

I am also thinking, that if these come out well, I will give one of these away in a contest on this blog.

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