Sunday, April 26, 2009

Peanuts and Crackerjack

This weekend was dizzyingly busy.

I mean whirling dervish crazy.

I'm so glad it's over.

Saturday I was working hard to load my kiln because I had to be gone all day Sunday and I have to fire Monday.

Mid-afternoon we paused for the little boy's opening baseball game. The first one of their careers. And according to Hoyle's rules for Little League Baseball games (or is it Robert's Rules of LL Baseball?) , it was chilly enough for a blanket on the bleachers. But the sun was shining just enough to burn my face.

Coach pitched baseball means everyone gets up to bat every inning, no outs are counted and I don't think runs are either. No pressure but lots of comedy since most of the time the kids aren't sure what to do with the ball when they get it.

Sam is a natural athlete. He drove a couple balls in a straight line down center, grazing the coach's earlobe as it went past the pitcher's mound.

Pete is a natural flower enthusiast and story writer.
But he managed a couple good hits too.

Sam got to wear the catcher's gear and assume the position.
But that didn't mean he knew what to do.
So we yelled a lot. Giving him clues.
"Pick up the ball! Tag him! The runner! Tag him! With the ball! Tag him!"

And no matter what, even when Mom says "no" (Dad says "here's a dollar...")

The game isn't over until...

there are snow cones dripping in the car.


  1. Oh, how fun! For them, I mean...

    Coach Pitch kids are so cute!

  2. I've given you an award at my blog.

  3. So happy to see this post. Can't wait to get back to play with them a bit. Did they get some new gear from big bro Kris?

  4. Thank you McVal!

    Kristin- you gave them batting gloves and will share the mitt with Neal.


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