Thursday, April 23, 2009

One more iron in the fire...

I started another blog.

Why???? you ask.

Because I'm a delusional over-achiever.

Because my toes are all clean and I have nothing to pick during my down time.

Um...what down time?

Really, it's because the Open Studio Tour is coming up and some of the participating artists are starting blogs as a part of the exposure/marketing strategy. Because a blog is something I can maintain as opposed to an actual website which requires technical knowledge beyond my brain's capacity. I'll be treating it like a website rather than a place to daily bore readers with my blathering.

So it's photos of pottery and pottery related subjects. Maybe I'll be able to relieve you of the tedium of pottery demonstrations by putting them all over there instead. Maybe.

So take a gander and tell me your opinion- good, bad or ugly.

Hearth and Home Studio

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  1. Can't wait for photos/videos of the firing to come, mom. Always loved seeing your new work. Wish I was there for the unload.


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