Friday, April 24, 2009

The Most BEAUTIFUL Time of the Year

I love living here.

In the spring, I especially love living here.

One week ago, at Blossom Festival, I posted this photo. We had no blossoms.

This week:

One week ago:

This week:

The first time I visited this valley I was a tourist and it was April and blossom time.
That was over twenty years ago.
I've lived here now fifteen years.
But in April, I still feel like a tourist.
I drive around the valley just to look at blossoms.

I start in the residential areas downtown. The variety of blooming ornamental trees is spectacular. This one, and many others like it, was grafted to have two types of blossoms.

Taking a walk through the city is a joy when you love flowers like I do.

The red dogwood is my favorite and this one was the first I saw in full bloom. I've learned the phases these trees and flowers go through from so many tourist trips through the neighborhoods. First are the daffodils and forsythia, now the tulips and candy tuft are blooming with the flowering crabs and cherries. Next are the magnolias and dogwoods in whites and pinks and reds. The lilacs in many colors and shades finish out the spring season with the azaleas and rhododendrons. A positive orgy of flowers.

I stopped to photograph this charming yard with the picket fence and the tulips. It was so orderly and well kept.

As I was swooning over the dogwood I spotted this little lady getting her daily garden therapy. I asked her if she was responsible for all this beauty. She said she does all but the mowing. I hope that when I am her age I am doing as well in the garden as she seems to be.

The boys and I continued our loop through the orchards along the east side of the valley. We know the right roads to take for the best views.

Peter shares my enthusiasm for the flowers. He always has.

This yard was a riot of tulips. You can see the rose bushes between the tulips. In the summer there are countless roses of all colors.

These blooming orchards are all pears. As these finish the apple orchards will open their blossoms and perfume the air with their scent.

I love living here.

Don't you wish you lived here too?

Of course you do.


  1. You live in a beautiful area. Spring is so gorgeous with all its blooms. Wisteria, yellow jessamine, azaleas, dogwoods, Bradford pears, tulip trees...they are all a riot of color around these parts.

    For my daughter's wedding next month we are using wildflowers and hydrangeas among other beauties. I can't wait to get my hands on them all.

  2. "a riot of tulips"

    like a "murder of crows"?

  3. deeeeeeeeeep breath in...awwwww, smells so good!

    I'm still trying to comprehend that grafting of another variety onto a tree. Fascinating.


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