Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kiln Studio Tour

It was another beautiful spring day on the homestead. Our third one in a row.

Sunny, warm, peaceful....I can so easily get used to this.

The goats were enjoying the verdant spring grass...on both sides of the fence.

And since we are on Easter break we indulged in extra curricular activities.

The boys love to disturb my studio reveries by begging to make a mess in my work space.

I mean..... make ART.

Samuel made a pie. And gave very detailed instructions of how I was to glaze it in multiple colors appropriate and realistic for a stoneware blueberry pie. Uh huh. Okay.

Peter made hand cuffs. Um. Okay.

As you can imagine, I have seen quite a lot of kid clay art in my time. I don't let the kids invade my space really often but with seven children there has been plenty of kid clay art anyway.

This is one of my favorite pieces. At the time I was doing my usual distracted listening with one ear as Peter described what he had done and how he wanted it glazed. He was five years old at the time. It was the two thousandth or so clay thing he had made so I wasn't very committed until he melted my heart with the words....

"It's you hugging me."

It's a keeper.

Then Sam did it to me too.

"This is you hugging Daddy."


So my project today was to transfer all my bone-dry greenware into the kiln studio for its first firing.

This is my glazing studio...

...with the many chemicals I use to formulate glazes.

These are my kilns. The big daddy is the new/used updraft gas kiln that I do glaze firings in.

The smaller electric kiln is the grandaddy. I've been firing everything in it for the last twenty years or so.

It's old and tired. Kinda like me. Every time I fire it I pray it will reach temperature just one more time. Come on, baby. You can do it. Only 1800 degrees. One more time!

I got it loaded. Time to start praying.


  1. Those sculptures are fantastic! I think the even really resemble you and Dad and Peter...

    Not sure what to say about the handcuffs...

    Good luck with your firing!

  2. Love the kids' sculptures. I made the mistake of taking my boys with me to the studio a couple years ago.....dear lord, what a mess, they were clay from head to toe. It took me a very long time to clean up that day and I decided never again.


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