Tuesday, April 28, 2009

High Fire

Here's a video from the end of yesterday's firing.

Now I am waiting for the kiln to cool. When the temperature inside the kiln gets down to about 300 degrees F, I will crack it open and take a peek inside.

That should happen Wednesday and I'll post pictures here!

It'll be exciting to see what's inside!

Good, bad or ugly!


  1. I will be back Wed...to see the change in the pots...my son-in-law is a potter...has a smaller kiln though...learned a lot from your video...so complicated ...have a new respect for the process!

  2. I forgot to mention...how BEAUTIFUL your pottery is!

  3. I suppose that really heats up your studio! Do you stay away from the studio on the days it's firing?

  4. It actually makes it very cozy. I love to fire in the winter because the studio becomes the only cozy place on the homestead. I like to just sit in there and commune with the kiln for a few hours.
    The kiln is well insulated and has a steel jacket that makes for more efficient firing and less danger to those close by. I was out there yesterday and the pyrometer was still saying about 700 degrees and the studio was nice and cozy. I do all my studio clean-up and organizing while it's warm from the kiln.

  5. The rest of the time it's freakin' cold out there with the concrete floors and metal roof and not enough insulation.


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