Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Had to Peek

This morning the kiln is 366 degrees F. Cool enough to open but not cool enough to unload.

The old saying among potters is that the pots are ready to unload when your skin doesn't stick to them when you touch them. Heh, heh, heh.

But it's hard to resist at least taking a peek to see if everything's okay or if there was some major disaster...

...Like a pot blew up and chards of it are fused on to all the other pots. (This actually happened to me once as a student. I had made my first lamp base and some other student's pot blew up and there was one chard ruining my lamp. )

...Or the kiln over-fired (got too hot for too long) and all the glazes over-fluxed and sheeted off in puddles on the shelves. Heaven help me.

...Or the kiln under-fired and the glazes didn't flux and are dry and flat and uninteresting. Done that. Tried to learn my lessons.

So I snuck the camera into the warm kiln and snapped this:
Looks fine except I'm really not too happy about how that cone melted and dripped down on the edges of the shelves. That is something that won't ever come off. Or will require an amount of grinding I am loathe to do.

The long red piece is the deep baking dish. Looking good!!

This looks interesting!

I stuck my arm in the top of the kiln and snapped this. By now my camera was starting to feel warm. Notice how much the pots have shrunk. Maybe I didn't say that before. Clay shrinks between wet and fired. Every clay body is different and shrinkage can be between 10-15%. The tall vases on the right had been close to the brick so they shrunk it looks like a good three or four inches in height.

I have appointments in town this afternoon so I won't be able to get to this until later. I'm (as always!) anxious to unload!

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