Friday, April 17, 2009

An exercise in self discipline

Nothing lifts the spirits more than a trip to the Garden Center when it is in full floral glory.

Well, for me anyway. I don't think Mr. Dirtywrench would head there just to have his spirits lifted. I think the guys would prefer a trip to the gun range.

Last year I worked at this lovely place. The best time of the day was at the end of my shift when I could stroll through the rows just for the joy of it. Also when I made a purchase and they gave me my employee discount. That kept me coming back.

The window here is from the cafe where I was the baker. The views from the lunch tables are the best you'll ever find.

This is how I spent every morning. Now I bake at home and don't miss that kitchen.

But I do miss the daily communion with the flowers and plants.

So yesterday, the boys and I took a trip back there to get strawberry plants for our renovated bed, herbs to replace the ones killed by our wicked winter, and early plantings of vegetables.

I got rosemary but they were out of English thyme and flat leaf parsley already.

I also got some seeds, sweet onions, leeks, and several clumps of these long day onions. They had a huge variety to choose from. So many people are taking up gardening this year, it looked to me that the nursery is providing more choices than in the past.

Then I went home and planted all but the long day onions.
And found out afterwards that the Farmer's Almanac instructed to do NO planting on that day as it was a "barren day". (See following post)

Should I go out and pull them up and replant?? How trustworthy is that Farmer's Almanac anyway?

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