Friday, April 17, 2009

By the Moon

My daughter sent me this link for planting by the moon calender. She lives in the midst of an Amish neighborhood and she says they closely follow this calender with their successful planting.

My dear, I wish you had sent this to me yesterday.

According to the calender it says "April 15-16 Barren days. Do NO planting."

And for today: "April 17-18 Favorable days for planting beets, carrots, turnips, radishes, onions, and other root crops."

Uh...which is what I planted yesterday! Beets, onion, leeks. On the barren day!

Now I'm sure everything will fail.


  1. Uh... whoops.

    Just start prayin'.

  2. Yeah, because what if it's SNOWING on the day that is supposedly right for planting?

  3. Then you wait until the next good planting day. They repeat.

    I don't think it's superstition. God gave us the celestial bodies for "signs and for seasons" and nobody disputes the reality of days, months, years, tides, etc., all of which we know by the sun, moon, and stars. So maybe there are other, smaller "seasons" that we just aren't usually aware of?


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