Monday, March 9, 2009

Time Flies When You're Having....Babies

This post is so scary, I'm afraid to go through with it. It's startling. Disturbing. Who needs this kind of reality dose on an already depressing gray winter day? Who needs to be reminded they're on a death march every day- that Time is wreaking havoc on the once hot body that I had (but didn't know it) and turning it into a flabby, saggy, achy, breaky, slow-moving, thought-losing, uh...what was I saying? Yea, and my companion has changed a little too.

It's painful for me but I know it will be a hoot for you. So in the interest of a half readable blog post I present you with this. A blast from the distant past.

In the beginning~

This was our second wedded Christmas. I was seven months pregnant with child number one. See that dress? I actually smock embroidered that thing. It was practically a choir robe. Gave me plenty of maternity room, enough for octuplets, which I didn't really need since my belly was the size of a basketball. A deflated one. People could barely tell I was pregnant but I was trying to be prepared. Back then I sewed things like that.

A few years and three babies later~
1980's Stylin'!! I had to post this one just so I could gaze at the six months postpartum waistline which is smaller than today's twenty-two YEAR postpartum waistline. But at the time I was annoyed with how I had to squeeze into that pencil skirt. I agonized over how chubby I was. And the hair. Oy. Kinda like a mullet. But it really wasn't. Really.

Married five years and now we're having fun~

I swear Mr. Dirtywrench really isn't this gorilla-like. I padded up that suit coat pretty seriously. And I made that dress too. I didn't sleep much back then.

Same summer a little more civilized~

Shoulder pads - can we say 80's fashion? This dress was a size 10 and I remember being upset because I was getting so FAT. And these were the perpetual nursing years too. Here we are at a very fancy wedding in the city sans children. I was so happy to be on a date. You can see how excited Mr. D. was to be all gussied up too. I'm pretty sure that tie was circa 1972.

And time marches on....14th anniversary

So here's the reality. What twenty-five years and seven babies will do to a person. Hey, what's your excuse Mr. D? Well, he had babies too. He just didn't HAVE them, ya, know?

Notice how the glasses never change. We're waiting for the eye shield style to come back into fashion. It's gotta be coming soon now.

But we look pretty happy don't we? Yea, I wouldn't trade one minute of those years of wedded bliss and baby burp-up for that size 10 body. Wait a sec. Well, SOME of the minutes I would be willing to trade. But mostly, you know, it was worth it and I well-earned every bit of the creaky hips and flappy arms that I have now.

And besides...

We're a whole lot smarter and having a lot more fun then we did back then.


  1. Haha!! Great pictures!

    But... c'mon... the hair... the shoulderpads... oy, the shoulderpads. In the "14th anniversary" shot, your shoulderpads made a little handle for Dad to hang onto...

  2. Pam, I love your blog. I have been staring at your pictures and laughing and imagining how much fun you had at the 5 year party!!!!

  3. I'm with Gabs-
    The suit and fedora and your dress made me laugh until I peed a lil'.
    What an awesome blog post.
    Remember that "Oh, I'm not going to be good at blogging" conversation?

  4. That was one of our scavenger hunt deals. Obvious theme with costume contest at the dance. It was the first (only?) time we did costumes. Dad's outfit all came from Goodwill. Grandpa's hat. We each had a gun too. Mine was a plastic derringer in a garter on my leg! We ran around on the hunt in that get-up all day. It was a blast.

  5. and prettier and more handsome!


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