Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sweet Sixteens

Our sixteen year old daughter, Alyssa, had a birthday party to attend this weekend. It was for a homeschooled friend and Biology classmate and her sister. The birthday girls planned a dinner party with a "formal costume" theme. They sent out formal invitations and planned and executed the menu for about forty people. It was a big family affair for them with grandparents and cousins but also a couple homeschool friends, our daughter included.

The girls had gotten flowers for table arrangements. Friday I offered to give them a little lesson in arranging so Alyssa and I had fun helping the birthday girls play with the flowers for the party.

The finished arrangements were lovely!

Alyssa has been honing her crocheting skills. She made a big pillow as a gift for her friend.

Alyssa wore her "Jane Austin" dress that we made last year for a summer ball.

Lovely Sweet Sixteens!

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  1. Ooh! How fun! Alyssa's pillow looks fantastic, too!


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