Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My eyes are not accustomed to this light...

(name that song)

This morning the sun was shining. (Cue brass section of orchestra)

But it was shining yesterday morning too. I had thoughts of going outside later in the day to do some pruning. By the time we finished school -early for once!- it was (surprise!) raining hard and we even had a spell of hail. Silly me. Getting my hopes up like that. This is the Pacific Northwest after all.

I did sneak out though when the rain stopped and cleaned out all the slimy plants from the pots on the patio. Then I got on a roll and pruned the roses. It was cold and drippy but there were birds twittering at me the whole time assuring me that Spring is imminent.

So more sun this morning. I ran out with the camera while I had the chance. Who knows if it will still be here after breakfast?

I have my work cut out for me. I need to clean the beds out so the little sprouts can come through and cheer me up on drizzly days.

See!!! It's starting to happen!

Twenty blueberry bushes and a row of grapevines await pruning. Last year I did it in the rain.

And these guys never let me down. Ahhh...... But why are they planted in a spot where I can't see them at all from in the house? It's because I put so much planning and forethought into my gardens. AH! HA Ha ha ha ha! Ha. Ha. hm

So I'm off to pray that the sun lasts until the end of today's TO DO list. Then I can play outside.


  1. Unfortunately, you can't see through the lens on your camera, as it's a pointer-and-shooter. However, I think you should be able to preview your shot on the screen. So do that as you compose, and if you see sun-flare wash out, hold your free hand up above and in front at an angle to the lens to try to block those rays, and shoot with the other hand. That should hopefully knock out some of that lens flare.

  2. Thank you dear. I was blinded by the light. I had to scitter back inside to the darkness.


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