Monday, March 23, 2009

Expertec Automotive Repair

For two years or more Mr. Dirtywrench has been looking for a location to have his own repair business. There were a number of times he almost had a place. Over the last year the search became more intense but still nothing worked out.

Then in November he joined the ranks of the unemployed. And at exactly the same time a premium location became available for lease. A car dealership that had been a mainstay in the town for decades (and one for which Mr. D. had worked for eleven years, though not at this location) went belly-up. It was on the main street of town in the largest shopping district of the valley.

Also at the same time the U.S. economy was swirling the bowl.

Great time to start a new business!

Yeah, let's do it!

A true leap of faith.

With a talented partner to work the phones and run the office, Mr. Dirtywrench now has a place to call his own.

The four men that now make up the staff at Expertec Automotive Repair had all been unemployed when the business started.

They opened in February. The toughest business month of the year. In the most challenging economy of our generation.

And the response has been tremendous. So far so good! Thank you, Lord!

There's a little coffee station in the waiting area for the customers. It has a cookie jar that I've been trying to keep full for them.

Those people are chowing through eight to ten dozen cookies a week!

The guys say that parts delivery has never before been so prompt or efficient in this town.

Opening week the customers (and techs and parts guys) were treated to the Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls. Now they apparently expect them all the time.

I gave in this week and made a batch.

I may have created a monster.


  1. Those cinnamon rolls will do that to people. The group I took those rolls to look at my hands everytime I enter the door and kind of sigh and say, "Oh, hi" when they see I'm empty handed again. I love them, but they sure are lots of work...the people and the rolls.

    Good for you and your family on the business!

  2. Thank you! As I said, so far so good.

    Those rolls are just too decadent. I made him take every single one outa here this morning. Even the slightly over-baked ones.

  3. Oh man. I gotta make me some cinnamon rolls...


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