Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Boys must be boys

There's a major construction project going on at our place.

In this economy, I'm not sure we have the budget for it. It's very elaborate. It involves structures, steps to nowhere, furniture making, pulley systems and bridges. The workers have explained it all to me several times but it's so complicated I couldn't possibly repeat it with any clarity.

It's very intensive work though. The guys are out there first thing in the morning after a bowl of Cheerios.

OSHA would be happy to see the safety precautions they've taken. The hats, gloves and tool belts.

Though they would probably fine them for lack of safety harness and eyewear.

The first phase of the project that they completed was the pulley system- so that they could move mud from one tree to the other thirty feet away. They used garden string and a pulley thingy they found in the junk drawer. It works amazingly well!

The shelter was next. Furniture was made for when the cousins come over.

The construction zone is in the pasture so a bridge was necessary for crossing the irrigation creek that forms every spring.

Hey Pete! Workin' hard or hardly workin'?


  1. It's amazing how boys, when given the freedom, will come up with all these elaborate plans and THEN follow through with it.

    My oldest boy's favorite pastime was digging a huge hole in the backyard. Once a salesman asked if he was digging us a pool. Wish we'd have let him do that!

  2. Hello from Georgia USA !

    I saw your post on PW's site and decided to say hi !! I don't know if any of us will ever have as many readers as PW, but it is fun to meet new cyber friends.

    I love your pottery -so much. The example on your home page is beutiful. If I had all the money I could spend, I would have all my interior done is hand crafted, one of a kind items, made by the hands who God bestowed the talent. He dave me other attributes, but artistic talents were given to others, like you.

    I would love to have a birthday party for myself at a pottery place, and have all my friends make me something as my present. (I would pay for it all of course !!) Maybe one day !

    Your family is beautiful, and I envy you living close to the mountains. So majestic.


  3. sorry------I was distracted and did not proof my letter. I am a little off kilter, but not that bad !! Cece

  4. Thank you Cece! So nice of you to visit and to comment. Thanks for your kind remarks.

  5. The bucket on a string is impressive- I mean, can you imagine if the mud didn't get transported from one tree to another?
    However, I must say that the lean-to is a bit sad. C'mon guys, I'd be impressed if you built that thing on the side of the tree at least a few feet in the air. Like we did when we were kids. Well, I suppose Neal did the majority of the build work.
    Anyway, it looks like dad can't escape the pasture "construction projects" (junkpiles) and "borrowed" (lost) tools.

  6. They've been waiting at least two years for a big brother (they have three after all) to help them. Never happened. So this is what they managed by themselves. Pretty darn good, I'd say!


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