Friday, February 27, 2009

Garden Chic

The only way that I can make it through the rain and muck that is February in the Northwest is to attend at least one garden show. It reminds me that winters here are short(er) and that the flowers will indeed come again. Mr. Dirtywrench has taken a liking to them too and together we breathe in the scents of spring -inside a giant concrete and steel building- but still.

I wander around and admire people's ingenuity and landscaping talents. I dream of the possibilities.....I imagine how I could transform our little homestead into a verdant, flowering, weedless, organized and accented garden dreams.

Mr. D. admires people's ingenuity and landscaping talents. ........And that's as far as that goes.

But when we saw this.....

We said, IN CHORUS, "We can do that!" I will make the pot and Mr. Dirtywrench can do the rusty chain! Mr. D even said, and I quote- "I will even COMMIT to that."

It made my day.

Okay, so you are asking, "What the hey is that?"

It's a chic poor man's (woman's) rain chain gutter pipe thingy. In this case it is a fountain. Water is trickling down the chain into the pot and recycling back up through a hidden plastic hose. I'd be content to have the chain just bring the rain water down from the clogged gutter of my house in a straight line into a pot since I have no down spouts anyway. And it's just a cool thing to have when you are a potter. Or even if you're not. And cheap, unless you have to buy the pot, which I don't!


  1. Can't say I've ever heard of a "rain chain gutter pipe thingy" but you can make me one, too, k?

  2. You guys are funny.. i can't believe you've never seen these before, they're all over.


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