Thursday, February 26, 2009

February morning in the Pacific Northwest

After days and days of pouring rain, this morning we woke up to this...

So I took my morning walk and everything was lovely. The light was soft and the snow sparkled like a glittered Christmas card. But, of course... I didn't have my camera.

After breakfast I called a "Snow Day" and took the kids for a walk where I had been earlier so I could take some pictures. The kids were ecstatic.

This had never happened to them before. We always have school when other kids are off the hook because of snow. We have school on President's Day and MLK day. There are no teacher workshops or early release.

While I ate breakfast, the kids had done chores, piano practice and started school work. So by the time we were on the trail everything looked different from my first walk.

The light had become very bright and the sky very blue.

When you homeschool, the whole world is a classroom, right?

When Alyssa saw this tree, she stated that it had grown this way because of "Geotropism."
So, couldn't we call this walk a Biology field trip?

Or P. E. ??


  1. Gorgeous!!

    Definitely "unschooling". Definitely.

  2. Do you walk by yourself? Do you have a friend who drags you out, even letting you walk one of her dogs to help you along? Sharing in the beauty of it all, encouraging and trying to get you to 'go just a little bit further'? Just wondering.


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